Weihe Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. has always insisted on the principle of "service innovation", and constantly improve the service and support capabilities to provide timely and thoughtful service for all users. To improve customer satisfaction as the goal, trying to open channels of communication with convenient, fast and efficient response speed, to perfect the quality of services to provide customers with professional services and popular. To provide customers throughout the customer needs, product development, manufacturing, sale, sale, sale and full service, customer complaints resolved satisfactorily resolve customer complaints, establish customer trust, loyalty. 
      Weihe Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. in order to continuously improve the company's management level and service level, the company in early 2001 to carry out the work of ISO9001-2000 international standards implementation of quality management system, the full introduction of the ideas and methods of ISO9001 international quality management system, the establishment of a quality management system, and is effectively running the same time, in order to meet the information management requirements, enhance their market competitiveness, the company is implementing the "enterprise information resources management system" works. 
      Always adhere to the quality and development, product reputation, quality products to meet customer requirements. Our real business, when every cooperation, our sincere attitude, quality of service, the fastest deliver our products. 
      Equipped with advanced testing instruments and equipment, develop new products according to market conditions, and in accordance with customer requirements and processing product development, strong R & D capabilities enable us everyday innovation. 
      The concept of survival: fall behind, slow retreat into the well 
      Business philosophy: to minimize the cost to create the maximum profit 
      Management: Flexible management is perhaps an art, flexible system is certainly a disaster 
      Development Concept: your needs is our innovative 
      Marketing idea: let customers make money, make their own development 
      Service philosophy: sincere commitment to always support 
      Financial philosophy: live every penny 
      Quality concept: excellent product must be dried out excellent staff 
      Entrepreneurship: team work, innovation and pragmatic, the pursuit of excellence 
      Enterprise tenet: quality first, service first. 
      Business goals: to build a world-class wire mesh in China and R & D base 
      Slogan: says it will do, be effective. 
      Weihe Wire Mesh Products Co., Ltd. is willing to excellent products and perfect after-sales service and dedication to domestic and foreign friends work together to create brilliant!